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Just by being here, you've taken the first step in getting curious about your well-being and taking better care of yourself, so now what?


​The next step would be to contact us via email at or by filling out the inquiry form on the contact page


Please make sure to include:

  • Your name

  • What you are looking to explore in counseling

  • Your availability

  • If you are open to virtual or in person services and

  • If you plan on submitting claims through insurance

If you are wanting to use insurance, please include what company that is through so we can make sure we can accept it!


We try our best to answer all messages within 24-48 business hours. The next step would be to schedule a brief consultation call with a provider to chat and make sure we are a good fit for your needs.


If we both think you could be a good match, your provider will then schedule an initial appointment with you and explain the next steps in filling out the necessary intake forms and assessments through our client portal.


The first couple of sessions, we will work on building the therapeutic relationship, cultivating safety and trust, while focusing on gathering background information, history of symptoms and any diagnoses, family dynamics, relationships and identifying your needs, expectations and goals for therapy. 

Length of treatment is different for each client, as progress is not a linear process. In the first 6-8 weeks, we prefer to see clients on a weekly basis and then at that point we can determine a plan for moving forward together.

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